Primary Services

Call Us at 720-232-2761 for Pricing

Drop Off

You can drop off your device at our retail shop at 21 Wilcox St Unit C to receive flat rate services. We are open Monday-Friday 12-6PM, & Saturdays 2-6PM. Our turn around time is normally between 1-3 business days.


Our On-Site Call Service allows us to bring all of our services to you! From Residential to Commercial, we will travel up to 1 hour to your location to address any technical needs. This service is available 7 days a week.


Our Remote-In Service allows us to connect to your device, bringing most of our services to you! From Residential to Commercial, we can quickly resolve most issues. This service is available 7 days a week.

Price Matching

Our Free Price Matching Service attempts to get the best price for anything, from a service to an item. We can sell anything that is obtained online. If we can’t get you the best price, you’ll get an exclusive coupon.


Our Diagnostic Service will pinpoint the problem you are experiencing with your computer/device and come up with a quote to address it. If the provided quote is approved, the diagnostic charge is waived.

Data Backup

Our Data Backup Service allows us to backup all your computer’s personal data onto an external device, or transfer data onto another computer. We recommend backing up your data prior to any performed service.

PC Tune Up

Our PC Tune-Up service will boost your device’s overall performance. This decreases the startup time and increases the stability of your system. We will do our best to bring the original speed back to the device.

Virus Removal

Our Virus Removal Service guarantees the removal of all types of infection. If required, we will perform our reformat service, transferring data and reinstalling the operating system at no additional charge.


Our Reformat/OS Install Service will wipe your computer’s system clean while backing up your data. We will then install the provided operating system, giving you a fresh start like the day you first purchased it.

Data Recovery

Our Data Recovery Service attempts to recover lost, deleted, or corrupt information off your broken desktop, laptop, phone, or external hard drive. We provide free estimates, and If we can’t recover it, we won’t charge you!


Our Pickup/Delivery Service allows us to pickup your device from your location, and drop it back off when the service is completed. We can also deliver ordered devices and parts to you, for your convenience.

Web Design

We provide Web Design Services. We can build brand new websites, or update yours. We also offer custom art & design options to your website or future business card. We can boost your business & get you leads!


Our Warranty Service provides you coverage on any hardware we provide to you. Our warranty for used parts is 3 months,  and new parts is 1 year. We can provide additional warranty options for parts and hardware.


We provide all types of Software, digitally and physically, to you. If you purchase software through us, we will install it for free. We highly recommend using ESET NOD32 as Virus Protection Software.


We provide, replace, upgrade and install most types of Hardware and Parts.  We replace broken screens, batteries, hard drives, motherboards, keyboards, DC Jacks and a ton more. We also sell all sorts of hardware. 


We can provide Surveillance Cameras & install them at your location. We also install Ring Doorbells, Home Alarm Systems with Professional or Self Monitoring, Dash Cams & Parental Control Services. 

Home Automation

We provide & install Home Automation Products & Services, including motion detection, locks, lights, robotic vacuums, thermostats, open/close sensors, and more.


Our Recycling Services allows you to drop off most electrical equipment at our shop, for us to recycle, at no cost. We charge for some items, like CRT monitors and to wipe hard drives before recycling or returning them.

Connectivity Issues

We will attempt to fix any connectivity issues you might be having with your device or service, including Internet, Cell Service, Wi-Fi or Printer issues. 


We provide Tutoring Services at our shop, over the phone or at your location. We can teach many things, so please call us over the phone with what you would like to learn to allow us to prepare you with an estimate.

Ink Cartridges

We provide any Ink Cartridge needed for any printer. Just let us know over the phone what printer you have, and we can get you a replacement Ink Cartridge ordered. Orders arrive as early as 2 days.

Email & Outlook

Our Email & Outlook Services provides email setup, transferring & recovering options. We can also transition you from using Outlook to using only Gmail, bringing everything with you. Outlook is a pain!


We setup, protect & maintain Business Class Servers & Work Stations for clients, providing over the phone, remote-in & on-site support 7 days a week.

Ethernet Drops

We provide Ethernet Drop services. Need an Ethernet port on the wall so you don’t have to get a 100 foot Ethernet cable? We will provide a free estimate and give you a flat rate quote to install an Ethernet drop.

Gaming Devices

We repair & sell all gaming devices. From Console to Computer, we can provide it to you, including monitors & TVs. We build high end business & gaming custom computers, so you can work or play any game to your heart’s content.

Phones & Tablets

We repair, diagnose and sell used and new phones and tablets. We can replace most components in phones and tablets, and also attempt to retrieve the data if needed.

Password Reset

Our Password Reset Service attempts to remove the forgotten password on your Windows device. If we cannot remove a password on any device, we might still be able to recover personal information off your device for you.

And More…

We also offer Home Theater setups, Adapters, Cables, TV Mount installs, Stereo & Vintage Audio Equipment & Repairs. We provide more services that aren’t listed, so please don’t hesitate to call us at 720-232-2761.